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The Imacon 949

We provide outstanding services for those photographers who also work with film. Our Imacon 949 can provide a raw optical resolution of 6000dpi-8000dpi depending on film size, and has some clever hidden tech to deliver superb results. The CCD is peltier cooled meaning you get a very low noise image and the diffused light tubes mean the scratches due to processing or handling are practically eliminated.

Scanning Types

Standard RAW scan

This scan is dusted and the levels tweaked, no further processing.

Cleaned scan

This scan is dusted, tweaked and then the remaining dust removed manually in software to deliver a pristine digital file.

Scan Information

All scans supplied in AdobeRGB 16bit RGB format at maximum resolution for film size. 6000dpi-8000dpi Optical resolution. No digital up-sampling.